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Property Management FAQ's

What is an open listing?

An open listing arrangement is a situation whereby you have gained the services of a number of different agents, who will list your property and attempt to find a buyer for you.

You are only expected to pay a commission to the successful agent when a buyer has been found.

The benefit of this type of listing is that your property may be advertised across a wider spectrum of potential buyers, but the downside is that you may not receive the same individual attention as you would by employing the services of only one agent.

What is an exclusive listing?

With an exclusive agency agreement, you give only one agent the rights to sell your property.

This may entitle the agent to be paid a commission if the property is sold during the fixed term of the agreement, even if you or another agent were responsible for the sale.

An exclusive listing arrangement is most commonly used for the sale of residential properties..

What is the agent's role at an open house?

An agent's job at an open house inspection is to listen closely and observe attendees to gauge buyer interest and motivation

By engaging in conversation, the agent can learn more about a potential buyer's specific circumstances and requirements. This helps the agent to discuss the aspects of the property relevant to the buyer.

At the same time, buyers may need to view the property without pressure and talk about it with someone they have brought along. A good agent will be aware of this and only engage in conversation at appropriate moments.

Why should I be out during an open house?

Getting a buyer to picture themselves living in the property - sometimes referred to as 'mentally moving in' - is one of the most effective ways to generate serious interest.

For this to be achieved, it is essential that they feel relaxed and unhurried. Buyers do not wish to intrude on the current owner's space, so your presence can sometimes act as a deterrent for them to stay longer and continue to consider the property carefully.

Why is it important to declutter an open house?

Decluttering involves removing personal items as much as possible prior to an open house, in order to help the buyer imagine themselves living in the property.

A first impression often lasts and excessive belongings can make a home seem smaller, darker and less airy than it really is.

Modern homes and decor tastes also tend to lean towards a more sparse presentation, while too much clutter can leave buyers with the sense that finding storage space might be problematic.

How long should it take to sell my house?

Once your home is placed on the market, the length of time it takes to sell depends on a number of circumstances.

The biggest factor is how much you want to make for the property, with auction generally proving to be the most effective way to sell it for the best price in the shortest possible time frame.

An auction can secure you a quick sale because buyers are compelled to act on the day or risk losing the property to somebody else.

A CPMS agent can tell you the approximate number of days properties similar to yours have spent on the market before selling

What does 'overcapitalised' mean?

The term 'overcapitalised' refers to a situation where you have spent more money on your property than you will recoup from the sale price.

While it is likely that any work you have done - such as landscaping or interior construction - will add value to the property, there is no guarantee that the full amount spent on these improvements will be seen in the eventual price of sale.

Can I sell my property while it is currently leased?

You are able to sell your property while it is being leased, but any potential purchaser must be told there is a current lease in place and that the property will not be sold with vacant possession.

The tenant has the right to occupy the residence until the end of the lease term, unless both parties negotiate and agree to terminate the existing agreement.

In some cases, the fact your property has reliable tenants in place may actually be appealing to prospective investors

Do I pay a commission if I sell the property myself?

If you sell the property yourself, whether or not you have to pay the agent a commission will depend entirely on the agreement you signed with them

In many cases you may still need to pay the commission as, for example, it is likely that the promotional activities undertaken by the agent exposed the buyer to the property on the market.

You should talk to your agent about this issue, or alternatively take a copy of the agreement to your solicitor or conveyancer for advice.

Can I sell my house by myself?

However, there are many reasons why people generally engage the services of a professional to ensure the best price.

Aside from the obvious expertise in marketing, negotiation and selling that an agent brings, most buyers also prefer not to deal directly with the seller. If buyers know you are not paying for an agent, they will usually expect to see the house price reduced accordingly.

In the end, selling a property on your own might lead to a lot of work and pressure, without actually saving any money or maximising the end sale value.


Beginning of a Tenancy

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

At Caboolture Property Management and Sales, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, therefore we do our best to have your application processed as soon as possible. The maximum time an application will be processing for is 48 hours, unless there is a problem with rental references, or it is a weekend.

Do you accept Centrelink as a form of income?

Yes, as long as you meet the affordability criteria.

How much Bond and Rent Advance do I need to pay before I move in?

We require 4 weeks' rent as the bond before you are able to move into the new property and 2 weeks advance within 24 hours of your application being approved.

During the tenancy

What are my obligations as a tenant?

You as a tenant are bound by the Residential Tenancies Authority Act and are obliged to follow instructions from the agency and owner which will be outlined and signed in your Lease Agreement.

What if I need to report Maintenance?

This will be thoroughly explained to you during your tenancy sign up, however everything must be reported to our office or you may be liable for the cost of the repair

What if I am late on my rent payment?

If you know you will be late on a rental payment please advise our office prior, otherwise you receive an automated SMS reminding you that you are in rental arrears. You will be reminded daily that your rent payments are late. If you have not made contact with the property manager within 7 days, legal action will occur.

Can I have people who are not on the lease move in with me?

No, you may not have any occupants residing at the premises who are over 18+ that are not on the lease. If you would like to add a person to the lease, it is required that you contact the office for further instruction.

What do I do in an emergency?

If the emergency is serious and has the potential to hurt yourself or other residents please dial 000 immediately. If it is a minor emergency, please contact the after hours phone number listed on the tenancy agreement for afterhours assistant

Ending a Tenancy Agreement

How do I tell the agency I want to leave?

If you are wanting to leave the property, regardless if you are on a fixed or periodical lease you are still bound by the Residential Tenancies Authority Act to supply a form 13 Notice of Intention to Leave with 2 weeks’ minimum notice. This form can be found on www.rta.qld.gov.au OR ask your property manager to send you one

What if I Decided I want to break my lease agreement?

If you decide to break your lease agreement we will require a Form 13 (Please read above). You will also be required to pay a break lease fee, advertising fee, and rent paid until the property has been re-let or to the end of your agreement

What will happen to my bond?

If you have no outstanding expenses or disputes, your bond will be returned to you after the exit report has been completed. If you and the agency don't agree on the bond refund, one will be required to send a Form 4 to the Residential Tenancy Authority and it will then turn into a dispute