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  • Phone Number
  • +07 5499 0199
  • Location
  • Shop 1/46, King Street, Caboolture, QLD 4510
  • Email Address
  • rentals@cpmsteam.com.au

Information for Tenants

OFFICE HOURS - We are open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Saturday is by appointment only.


EMERGENCIES - In the event of an emergency outside office hours, please SMS a detailed description of your emergency to the after hours number provided on your General Tenancy Agreement. We also require you to put your emergency request in writing to rentals@cpmsteam.com.au


LETTING PROCESS – If you are interested in applying for one of our advertised rental properties you are required to organise to view the property first. After you have viewed the property we require each adult to submit an application form to our office. This can be done in person at Shop 1/46 King Street, Caboolture or you can email your completed application with all supporting documentation to rentals@cpmsteam.com.au

Once you completed and submitted your application, we will conduct a review of the information you have provided. This will include verifying your employment and current and past rental history.

Typically this is completed within 48 business hours, however if the information is inaccurate or not completed properly on the application, it may take longer. We are not open on a weekend so no applications will be processed till the following business day.

Your application will then be submitted to the landlord for a final decision.

On approval, all applicants will be required to pay the first two weeks rent (via direct deposit or in person at the ANZ bank). Bond of 4 weeks rent is also required before keys are released. You must be available to move into the property within 7 Days of approval, unless otherwise discussed with the property manager. Should you have any questions, one of our experienced team will be on hand to explain all the tenancy details to you.

APPLYING WITH A PET - There is a space provided in the application form above for providing details about your pets. It is your responsibility to ensure the home and grounds are secure and suitable for your pet prior to applying. When you’re asking to move your pet into someone’s house it pays to go the extra yard. To give your pet the best chance ask for a Pet Application form, Landlords respond well to this form because they appreciate the up-front communication and making the extra effort tells them a lot about your approach to tenancy. If your pet is also approved to reside at the property you will be required to fill in and sign a Pet Agreement form.


APPLICATION TIPS You will need to provide copies of identification, such as -

  • Photo ID - Drivers Licence, 18+ Card, Passport
  • Bank Card or Credit Card
  • Utility bills addressed to you at your current address
  • You will also need to provide -
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Current and previous rental history (minimum of 4 years) 
  • Current employment history along with Payslips / Centrelink Income Statement to veryfy income
  • References and next of kin details

By providing contact details for your current / previous rental agent and you employer/s, you will ensure that your application can be processed in a timely manner. Not supplying this information will slow down the processing time of your application.

At Caboolture Property Management and Sales we look for people that will care for the property as if it is their own. We seek tenants with financial stability, demonstrated ability to pay rent and a good rental history.


PICKING UP YOUR KEYS - At the commencement of the lease you will be given the keys to your new home

Caboolture Property Management and Sales retain a duplicate set of keys to all properties for emergency access and periodic inspections.

Locks cannot be changed without written consent from your property manager.


RENT PAYMENTS - Rent should be paid 1 week in advance at all times as set out in your General Tenancy Agreement, this is to allow for public holidays and weekends.

You will be advised of all payment options before and upon signing of your lease agreement.

All tenants are provided with a personal reference number, this number can be found on the second page of the General Tenancy Agreement under the payment section. If a payment is made without this number, your rent may not be allocated to your tenancy and be place into an unknown fund. If this occurs you will be required to show proof of your payment before the office can allocate those funds to you.


ENTRY CONDITION REPORT - This report is very important. It outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy.

When you move into the property, make sure you mark down anything not already outlined on the report.

When you vacate the property the condition at that time will be compared to the condition at the commencement of your tenancy. Any variation (fair wear and tear excluded) will be your responsibility to reinstate.

You must return the Entry Condition Report to our office within three days of moving into the property. Keep the report in a safe place during your tenancy, as you will need to refer to the report when vacating the property.


PERIODIC INSPECTIONS - Your property will be inspected periodically during your tenancy. The purpose of these inspections is to advise the owner of the condition of the property and how it is being maintained. You do not need to attend these we will have a set of keys.

You will be given a minimum of seven days notice prior to entry. You can expect an initial inspection within the first three months, followed by further inspections quarterly.

These inspections also give you the opportunity to point out any repairs and maintenance required.

You are not able to reschedule any booked inspections due to each property being on a specific suburb run. In special circumstances we may be able to reschedule an inspection, but this is subject to administration approval and a change of date is not guaranteed.


MAINTENANCE - All maintenace is to be reported in writing to the Agency via email to rentals@cpmsteam.com.au.

Caboolture Property Management and Sales will tend to all repairs as promptly as possible. However, in many instances it will be necessary to obtain the landlord’s approval on quotes before any work can commence.

For emergency maintenance that is outlined by the legislation, please contact Caboolture Property Management and Sales immediately via the after hours contact on your Tenancy Agreement. Send a detailed SMS message and someone will get back to you when available.

If your required maintenance is not on the Emergency list outlined by the legislation please send an email to rentals@cpmsteam.com.au and we will arrange for the appropriate trade to attend.


TERMINATION OF THE TENANCY AGREEMENT - If you intend to vacate at the end of your tenancy agreement you are required to give 14 days clear written notice prior to the expiry of your agreement.

You cannot by law stop paying rent for the last month assuming your bond will be used as payment for your rent arrears.

If during your tenancy for some unforeseen reason you have to vacate the property prior to the lease expiring, please contact the Agency on 5499 0199 to discuss your options.


RETURNING YOUR KEYS - Your tenancy does not terminate until the keys (including any copies you made) are returned. You will be responsible for paying rent until the keys are returned to our office.


FINAL INSPECTION - EXIT CONDITION REPORT - Final inspections are conducted upon vacating. The final Exit Inspection Report is checked against the Entry Condition
Report completed at the start of the tenancy. This ensures we can identify any damage to the property, allowing for normal wear and tear.

Your bond will be refunded after vacating, less any deductions as agreed (if applicable) or as directed by QCAT.